Hindus Not Allowed To Vote In Muslim Dominated Area Of West Bengal’s Raiganj, Proxy Voting Rampant: Report

EVM, VVPAT machine on display (Mujeeb Faruqui/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Some members of the Hindu community were not allowed to vote in the Muslim dominated areas of the Raiganj Lok Sabha constituency, Times Now has reported.

The reporter while quizzing the Hindu residents of a Muslim dominated area known as Moddhophulbari in the Raiganj constituency was told of an emergence of a divide between the two communities.

The resident then shockingly claimed that they were not able to cast their vote as they are Hindus and also expressed fear over the situation.


Another resident claimed that he was beaten up by goons patrolling the polling booths in an attempt to prevent him from voting.

When the reporter quizzed a polling officer at booth number 191 over the matter, the latter denied that any ruckus even took place. While this exchange was taking place, a voter standing beside them began complaining that his vote has already been registered despite him not having cast it.

When quizzed over this alleged proxy voting, the identifying officer became evasive over whether he checked the identification of the individual who voted instead of the aggrieved voter.

Around the same time another victim of proxy voting walked in and neither of the polling officers had any answer over the matter and continued to pass the buck. Incidentally the only party agent present in the booth was from the TMC.

It remains to be seen if the Election Commission would take note of the matter and initiate appropriate action.

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