‘If Tablighis Show Their True Face, You Will Be In Big Trouble’: Maulana Threatens Media-Persons Over Jamaat Coverage

‘If Tablighis Show Their True Face, You Will Be In Big Trouble’: Maulana Threatens Media-Persons Over  Jamaat CoverageMaulana Mahfooz Ur Rahman (video from youtube)

In a video released by Tahaffuz-E-Deen India, Maulana Mahfooz Ur Rahman targeted the media houses for defaming Tablighi Jamaat.

In the video, Rahman said that Prime Minister and the Chief Ministers of the country have ordered a lock-down for the welfare of all, and people must follow it.

Rahman then said that the media houses were disseminating propaganda over Tablighi Jamaat and coronavirus pandemic and targeting a particular community.

Rahman named ZEE TV, Aaj Tak, ABP News, India TV and others in his speech.

“I ask Rajat Sharma as the general secretary of AIMIM for Maharashtra state, what proof do you have that Tablighi Jamaat spread the coronavirus? that the people assembled because of Maulana Saad’s call?”

Rahman also criticised the central government as well as Arvind Kejriwal for using Jamaat to hide his own failures.

The Maulana also said that Jamaat is benefiting the country by bringing foreign currency, and bringing good publicity to India from all around the world (Tablighi Jamaat movement originated in India).

Rahman also said that the Jamaat has its reach in the smallest and remotest corners of the country and its goal is to bring the Muslims on the right path.

“Tablighi Jamaat ka maksad bigde hue musalmano ko sahi musalman banana hai”

Maulana added that the Jamaat works towards social reform, fighting against alcoholism etc, and urged the media to find out the reality of the Jamaat’s work.

Rahman then said:

“media zabaan sambhal kar kaam kare..tablighi jamaat aur markaz ko badnam karne ki koshish na kare.. Maulana Saad Amir-ul-Hind hain, wo musalmano ke betaaj badshah hain... aap musalmano ke jazbaat se khilwad mat kijiye”.

(Media should weigh its words carefully. Media shoulsn’t try to defame Tablighi Jamaat and Markaz. Maulana Saad is Amir-ul-Hind, he is a king without crown. Don’t play with the emotions of Muslims.)

"f you interview any Jamaat member...you will find out he used to be a big-time criminal...if these people come to their asalaiyat (reality), you will be in a lot of trouble. I want to warn you, I want to tell the media”.

Rahman further added that media should interview these people to know their pain and how Jamaat made good Muslims out of them.