India And China Stepping Up Infrastructure Development Across LAC: Report

India And China Stepping Up Infrastructure Development Across LAC: ReportThe flags of India and China.

India and China have expedited development of infrastructure projects across the Line of Actual Control (LAC) amidst the border standoff in eastern Ladakh.

Apparently, a security official from the Union Home Ministry informed the Telegraph that the circumstances in Ladakh are evolving quickly.

Both the countries are ramping up the construction of roads, bridges and tunnels across the border.

“The military standoff has forced us to rethink our border strategy with China,” the concerned officer was quoted by the aforementioned publication.

He added, “Considering the continuous threat of infiltration from the Chinese side, we have stepped up our border infrastructure development programme, including building roads, bridges and tunnels, to counter further Chinese transgressions into Indian areas along the LAC.”

Another official from the government maintained that these developments were being steered in order to pre-anticipate any further intrusions in the future and also secure better stationing of the security forces.

He added that the Indian Army’s readiness and capability to combat every possible threats and challenges will be strengthened through these measures. Sources from the defence ministry are quoted saying in the report that the Indian Army is building about 70 roads of operational significance along the Chinese border.

The responsibility of constructing and maintaining border roads along with bridges, tunnels and advance landing grounds is handed over to the Border Roads Organization.

The Chinese army has similarly furthered the development of roads, bridges, habitats for its troops and also the overall infrastructure near to several friction points in Ladakh. In fact, they are also conducting the construction works at their side of the areas from which the two armies have already disengaged.