‘India Will Lead The World In Next 20 Years’: Mukesh Ambani Lauds India’s Success In Creating Digital Connectivity

‘India Will Lead The World In Next 20 Years’: Mukesh Ambani Lauds India’s Success In Creating Digital ConnectivityMukesh Ambani at the 2018 UP Investors’ Summit in Lucknow. (Photo by Subhankar Chakraborty/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

India’s top billionaire Mukesh Ambani has expressed strong optimism about India leading the world over the next two decades, particularly in the sphere of digital connectivity, reports Moneycontrol. He highlighted India’s leading role in the ongoing fourth industrial revolution.

Ambani stated that India’s huge population of 1.3 billion can participate in the data-centric fourth industrial revolution and provide solutions to humanity’s biggest challenges.

"The Fourth Industrial Revolution is now upon us. Data is the foundation of this revolution. India is already generating significant quantum of data. I can say with confidence that India has a chance of not just participating in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, but also leading it," Reliance Industries chairman and managing director Mukesh Ambani said in a speech at the Republic summit.

He mentioned that India had a great advantage as 63 per cent of its 1.3 billion people were below 35 years of age. He spoke about the vast possibilities if a billion plus minds were connected.

“Over the next two decades, I can confidently say – that India shall be leading the world and shall contribute the next wave of global economic growth," he said.

He promised Jio’s continued role in India’s digital revolution, stating that his company was determined to provide the best quality of connectivity at the most reasonable prices.

Ambani foretold of a future where each aspect of human existence will be massively transformed by technology. He expressed his belief that democracy is benefitting from increased digitalisation.