New Age Of Indian Public Transport: Aero Boats, Faster Metros, Catamarans And More

Swarajya Staff

Nov 02, 2018, 11:59 AM | Updated 11:59 AM IST

A catamaran in action (Yetanotheraccount1/Wikipedia)
A catamaran in action (Yetanotheraccount1/Wikipedia)

India can soon see a new age of public transport with aero boats, double-decker electric buses and catamarans running between major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur, reports Moneycontrol.

During the release of 'Ease of Mobility Index' which was carried out by Ola Mobility Institute, Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari has suggested the idea of initiation of double-decker electric buses between major cities and aero-boats on rivers like the Yamuna.

Minister Gadkari told India can use broad gauge railway line to develop metro along routes. These train will run faster than express train and passenger trains, he said. Speaking about the cost of the metro line, he said it will much cheaper than normal lines as they incur cost of only Rs 3 crore per km compared to a normal metro which costs Rs 350 crore per km. The metro will be air-conditioned and will have reduced costs since the gauge line already exists, and the metro will use same signal system, he said.

Speaking about the Double-Decker buses, Gadkari said such buses could run between major cities like Delhi - Jaipur, Delhi - Chandigarh and Mumbai - Pune. This initiative will see the minimal use of private cars.

According to Gadkari, the buses will have separate executive and economical decks. The buses will have features like recliners, food and beverages and assistance from steward and hostess on-board. He adds that he would "urge the state governments" to give permission to make this a reality.

A Russian based company will soon launch catamarans to cover water transportation in India. River Yamuna is in the plans to be used as the route on which catamarans will run. The minister also said the first catamaran will run between Delhi and Agra before Republic day next year. Further more the hybrid-aero boats will runs at a speed of 80 kmph and can reach 170 kmph. They will run on petrol, electricity and methanol.

Air-based public transport to carry people around hilly and mountainous terrain, Gadkari said. An Austrian company will work with state-run Wapcos to develop such transport.

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