Uber Launches Movement, Offers Access To Its Traffic Data

Uber Movement showing Washington, DC

Uber has recently launched its new Movement platform where it is offering access to its traffic flow data. The platform gives out anonymised data from Uber’s trips, currently to those who apply for early access and later on to the general public. According to Uber, since it has access to traffic data in most cities, this data could be used by officials and urban planners to gather real time insight in order to make transformational changes.

Users can check data for specific routes and localities and sort through them by time and date. Uber has stated that it plans to develop an Application program interface (API) for access to the data. Uber has also underlined on data anonymity for the platform. For areas where coverage is low due to not many people using Uber, data will not be released.

Uber has said that it wants to do good for cities where it operates, but it also stands to benefit from infrastructure improvements in cities. It would also help Uber in scoring some extra goodwill from the local government due to the data it will be able to provide to them.