Youth Invited On Stage By Digvijaya Singh Praises PM Modi For Surgical Strike Against Terrorists

Congress leader Digvijaya Singh.

Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh in a rally in Bhopal invited a local youth on the stage who then praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for surgical strikes against terrorists.

As seen in the ANI video Digvijaya Singh while spreading the Rs 15 lakh in bank account bogey invited a youth on stage after he purportedly countered the Congress leader’s narrative.

Digvijaya Singh was then heard asking the youth to bring his account number with him on the stage so that he could be felicitated for getting Rs 15 lakh in his account.

The youth who was then handed over the mike began praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi for carrying out surgical strikes to eliminate terrorists following which he was pushed off the stage by a Congress leader.

An angry Digvijaya Singh was then heard scolding the youth and also rhetorically asked whether he had received employment, which the latter seems to have answered in affirmative.

This further infuriated the Congress leaders present there who gestured for him to be thrown out of the rally.

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