An Infra Revolution Is Coming

With the announcement of a National Infrastructure Pipeline, infrastructure moves right at the top of Modi government’s agenda.

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Featured Articles

  • The Real Deficit In Infra Is Not Funds, But Inverted Power Structures
  • National Infra Pipeline: There Is No Alternative To Public Finance For A Large Segment Of Infrastructure
  • Piyush Goyal’s Great Indian Railway Project
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  • This Could Have Been India’s First National Military Memorial, If Only It Hadn’t Been 11 Years In The Making  
  • ‘Rajini-Niti’: Actor Rules Out Apology For Statement On Periyar’s 1971 Anti-Hindu Rally, Says It Was Based On Fact
  • This Is Why Assam’s Tableau At The Republic Day Parade  Wins More Than Just The First Prize
  • Andhra Pradesh Bid To Abolish Upper House Shows Legislative Councils  Are Pointless
  • Nepal Wanted To ‘Balance’ India By Cosying Up To China. It Got A Big Headache Instead
  • Why The Latest Test Of India’s K-4 Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile Is More Significant Than You Thought
  • Book Excerpt: Why India Decided To Develop Its Own ‘GPS’, The NavIC, And The Challenges It Faced 
  • Book Review: Shantanu Gupta’s Latest Tracks The Journey Of A Mass Movement That Awakened People To A National Vision
  • Punditry Wanted — At Three Levels Deep: Why Policymakers Seek One Kind Of Advice And Detest Another
  •  Why There Is Nothing Wrong In Union Ministers Refusing To Meet Jeff Bezos
  • Indian Conservatives Have Much To Learn From  Roger Scruton; More Importantly, They Have Much To Lose Otherwise
  • ‘Indian Higher Educational Institutions Are Now Waking Up To The Opportunities Of Having An Internationally Diverse Student Body’: Vinay Sahasrabuddhe
  • ‘Change In Visa Rules, Effort By Indian Missions Abroad Can Help Attract Foreign Students To India’: Swarajya Interviews Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar