2017 Wishlists

2016 was an eventful year. And to welcome 2017, Swarajya asked a range of experts to draw up their wishlists

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Featured Articles

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  • Shivshankar Menon’s ‘Choices’ Is Frank But Falls Short Of Being Forthright On China And 26/11
  • Before The Campaign For 2019, Modi Must Clear The GST And DeMO Tests
  • Where Is The Brahmin, Seeker Of The Highest Truth, Beacon Of Light And Leadership?
  • Thucydides Trap May Weaken Both China & The US. Golden Opportunity  For India To Rise To The Top
  • No Relief: If Bad Weather Didn’t Hit Farmers In 2016, Modi Govt’s Agri Policy Did
  • Mr Trump, Just Do Opposite Of What The NYT/CNN/Economist Pundits Support And You Will Be Fine
  • Asimov’s Children 
Beyond Ajanta And Ellora: The Immense Beauty And Richness Of Kanheri Caves
  • Destined To Die And Destined To Love: Why Eros  And Thanatos  Are Soulmates
  • Patriots, Poets and Prisoners: Every Thinking Indian Should Read This Book
  • The Road To Sparta: The Story Of One Of The World’s Greatest Ultramarathoners
  • How They Erased Feroze Gandhi From Congress Party’s Psyche And The National Consciousness