Biden Led US Brings India Back On Afghan Peace Negotiation Table Amid Russian Attempts To The Contrary

Biden Led US Brings India Back On Afghan Peace Negotiation Table Amid Russian Attempts To The ContraryFlags of India and the United States near India Gate in New Delhi.

Amid growing partnership between Russia and China, Moscow's suggested plan has excluded India from the panel of countries to decide on the roadmap for peace in Afghanistan.

However with hectic behind-the-scenes diplomacy and support from the USA, India is now part of the panel that may determine the future of Afghanistan.

Sources said to Indian Express that Russian interlocutors suggested that Russia, China, US, Pakistan and Iran should be at the table.

This was apparently done at the behest of Pakistan which has never wanted India to be part of any roadmap for the region. But New Delhi reached out to all key players in Afghanistan and other countries to make its way to the negotiating table. “Our interests need to be safeguarded…the next couple of months hold the key to progress,” a top official said.

Earlier in January, the White House said that the administration of US President Joe Biden would review the country's agreement with the Taliban, which was signed in February 2020.

The US and Taliban signed the historic agreement on February 29, 2020, which called for a full withdrawal of the American military forces from the war-torn country by May 2021 if the militant group meets the conditions of the deal, including severing ties with other terrorist organisations.

The war in Afghanistan, which has caused about 2,400 US military deaths, is the longest one in American history.

Former President Donald Trump had accelerated the pullout from the country in the final months of his term, though some of his senior aides had suggested a more cautious approach.

The Pentagon confirmed that US troops in Afghanistan had reduced to the 2,500 level.


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