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Gemini 1.5, New AI Features In Android, Project Astra And More: Here's What Was Announced At Google I/O 2024

Kuldeep Negi

May 15, 2024, 11:56 AM | Updated 11:56 AM IST

Google CEO Sundar Pichai
Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google made several key announcements at its I/O 2024 event on Tuesday, introducing new models, AI features for Android, a new AI voice assistant, and a text-to-video generator.

Here are the top announcements made at the Google I/O 2024:

Gemini 1.5
Google unveiled the new Gemini 1.5 Flash language model, which is lighter and more efficient than the Gemini 1.5 Pro model.

This AI model supports multimodal reasoning and features a larger context window of 1 million tokens. It is optimized for high-frequency tasks where response time is crucial.

The next generation of the Gemma AI model was introduced, boasting improved performance and efficiency.

This model, optimised by TPUs and GPUs, includes 27 billion parameters.

Google also added PaLI-3, its first vision language model, to the Gemma family. It is set for release in June.

Ask Photos

Google Photos received an upgrade with the Gemini AI-powered feature "Ask Photos," allowing users to retrieve specific pictures with a single prompt.

This feature leverages Gemini's multimodal abilities to understand and locate images based on user queries.

AI in Android

While detailed information about the Android 15 update was not disclosed, Google confirmed several AI enhancements powered by Gemini.

These include the Circle to Search feature, which helps students with homework, and Gemini Nano, a lightweight on-device large language model with multimodal capabilities and new safety features.

Additionally, Gemini will be able to overlay on top of different apps for enhanced usability.

Google introduced Veo, a text-to-video generation model that competes with OpenAI's Sora.

Veo can generate 1080p resolution videos with various cinematic and visual styles and offers users greater control through its understanding of cinematic terms.

Trillium TPUs

Google also announced its 6th generation of TPUs, called Trillium.

The tech giant said that Trillium is its "most performant and most efficient TPU to date, delivering a 4.7x improvement in compute performance per chip over the previous generation, TPU v5e".

The company will make Trillium available to its Cloud customers in late 2024.

AI Search

Google is enhancing its search experience with AI through a customised Gemini model.

The new features include quick AI-generated summaries on search topics and an AI-organized search results page with unique AI-generated headlines. This update will initially roll out for dining and recipe searches in the US.

Project Astra

Project Astra, Google's new AI agent, was showcased at the event. The AI assistant demonstrated its ability to identify objects, explain code, determine its location, find glasses, and generate creative names for a dog.

Google showcased the use of Project Astra via a smartphone or smart glasses, suggesting that there could be a major Gemini-powered revamp to Google Lens down the road.

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