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I Have No Heirs; You Are My Heir And Heirloom: PM Modi To Crowd At Maharajganj Rally

Kuldeep Negi

May 21, 2024, 03:15 PM | Updated 03:15 PM IST

PM Modi at Maharajganj rally in Bihar
PM Modi at Maharajganj rally in Bihar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday (21 May) asserted that the people of the country are his heirs.

Addressing a rally in Bihar’s Maharajganj, PM Modi said that he aims to work tirelessly for the people, putting in even more effort than before.

"I guarantee you, I will work hard for you day and night, even harder than before. My goal is to build a developed Bihar and a developed India for you, for your future, and for your children's future," he said.

"I have no personal heirloom; my heirloom is you, and you are my heirs. I have no other heir. Therefore, I must ensure a bright future for you and your children," PM Modi added.

Attacking the INDI Alliance, PM Modi said, "As 4 June approaches, the number of curses and insults from the INDI Alliance towards Modi is increasing. They cannot tolerate that the people of the country are about to re-elect Modi for another five years".

PM Modi alleged that the the dignity of Bihar and the respect of Bihari people mean nothing to the members of the opposition alliance.

"When DMK members insulted Bihar and when Telangana Congress leaders hurled abuses, the royal family remained silent, keeping their lips sealed," he said.

He further said that the INDI Alliance doesn't seem like a political bloc but rather a gathering of scamsters involved in scams worth millions and billions.

"When they come together, three clear evils are visible among them - they are extremely communal, they are extremely casteist, they are extremely nepotistic," PM Modi added.

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