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Now, A Hate Song In Pakistan Against Islamabad Temple And Hindus; Activists Object

Swarajya Staff

Jul 12, 2020, 10:50 AM | Updated 10:49 AM IST

A screengrab from the song video.
A screengrab from the song video.

Ever since work on Islamabad’s first Hindu temple began earlier this month, many Pakistanis have been on a spree threatening their government of bloodbath and spewing hate against Hindus.

Construction of the temple has already stopped under pressure from Islamic fanatics. No decision on its fate has yet been taken.

Now, a video has surfaced on the social media of a Pakistani man singing a song referring to “Hindustanis” as dogs and saying that he and his ilk will never allow the temple to come up in Islamabad.

Hindustani Kutto, tussi raho zara aukaat vich. Banane ni dena mandir assi kadi Islamabad vich (Hindustani dogs, stay in your limits. We will never allow temple to come up in Islamabad),”says the beginning lines of the song in Punjabi.

Several Hindu activists from Pakistan called out the song on Twitter:

“A very famous song in Pakistan these days. This level of intolerance for non-muslims in Islamic Country. It is clearly a hate speech, insult of Hindu Religion & he is inciting violence. No punishment for such people but are considered as Islamic Heros. Calling Hindus as coward Dogs,” said a user Rahat Austin, who routinely calls out atrocities against the tiny non-Muslim population in Pakistan.

You have bene beaten by us a lot of times. Pakistani lions don’t fear you.

Kapil Dev, a Hindu rights activist In Pakistan, wrote, “#Temple issue has once again exposed hatred for #Hindus in Pakistan as it can be seen in this song calling Hindus as "Hindustani kutto (Indian dogs)". The visuals showing armed forces are aimed at maligning Pak Army. I hope action will be taken against them. #MandirTauBanega.”

Another user, Marvi Sirmed, called The song disgusting and unacceptable.

Earlier, a Pakistani man posted a video of his little son on Tik Tok where the child is seen warning Imran Khan that if the temple is built, he would kill “each and every” Hindu.

A cleric was seen saying that if the government went ahead with its plan to build a temple, Pakistanis would chop their heads and throw it outside the temple to feed stray dogs.

A man, purportedly a news reporter, went to the temple site, dismantled the under-construction wall hailing Allah, and posted the video on Facebook with a song ‘Main Pakistan hun, main zindabad hun’ playing in the background.

Another man – who introduced himself as a Pakistani living in Canada – was seen at the site supporting such vandalism, bad-mouthing “kaafirs” and asking aloud if Narendra Modi is funding the temple. Another was seen reciting Azaan on the site.

Islamabad has only 3,000 Hindus. The temple, if built, would be the first for the tiny minority community in the capital city.

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