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Pappu Yadav Limits Doctor Fees In Purnia, BJP's Ajay Alok Says, 'The Era Of Shahabuddin And Siwan Is Over'

Nishtha Anushree

Jun 26, 2024, 12:53 PM | Updated 12:53 PM IST

Pappu Yadav with Priyanka Gandhi Vadra
Pappu Yadav with Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Dr Ajay Alok shared a news clipping claiming that newly elected Purnia MP Pappu Yadav has limited fees to Rs 500 for physicians and Rs 300 for surgeons.

Alok said, "He (Pappu Yadav) is the new baap (fatherly figure) of Purnia. He will decide fees for doctors. Bihar is governed by the rule of law not Pappus," and urged doctors to work without fearing.

In response, Pappu Yadav posted, "I am not baap but sevak (in service) of Purnia. The fees were decided with cooperation and consensus of Purnia IMA (Indian Medical Association) and doctors."

Attacking Alok, he said, "We will not let anyone loot poor in the name of treatment and tests, not just in Purnia, but anywhere. You also loot patients in your hospital. This will be no more tolerated."

Responding to this, Alok claimed that the fees was not decided based on cooperation or consensus of Purnia IMA and doctors and asked Yadav to not threaten doctors to implement this.

"The era of Shahbuddin and Siwan is over now. I don't invite anyone to my hospital. Doctors are for saving lives, I need not to tell who loots," Alok said attacking the former Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader.

It is pertinent to mention that Mohammad Shahabuddin too was a RJD leader and represented Bihar's Siwan in Lok Sabha. However, he was known more for his notorious criminal deeds.

Pappu Yadav was considered to be close to Shahabuddin. Yadav even supported Shahbuddin's wife Hena Shahab's campaign as an Independent for Lok Sabha elections in Siwan.

"You have been elected after a long time under certain different situation. Don't waste this opportunity by getting involved in useless things. Do some work, don't try to rule," Alok added attacking Yadav.

Yadav has been elected as Lok Sabha MP from different constituencies of Bihar on different party tickets multiple times. He recently joined Congress but did not get a ticket and contested as an Independent this time.

Nishtha Anushree is Senior Sub-editor at Swarajya. She tweets at @nishthaanushree.

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