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Results Day: PM Modi Congratulates BJP Workers; Tears Into Congress For Ignoring Northeast

Swarajya Staff

Mar 02, 2023, 09:40 PM | Updated 09:55 PM IST

PM Modi at BJP headquarters
PM Modi at BJP headquarters

PM Modi delivered a speech at the BJP headquarters after the party's success in the assembly elections in three north-eastern states, Tripura, Nagaland, and Meghalaya.

Here are the key takeaways from his speech:

PM Modi Thanks Northeast, Congratulates Party Workers

PM Modi expressed gratitude to the people of the Northeast for their overwhelming support to the BJP and its alliance partners.

He also congratulated the hardworking BJP workers in Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland and praised them for working even harder than their counterparts in other parts of India, due to the challenging conditions in the Northeast.

Northeast Turning A New Page In Democracy

The Prime Minister highlighted that the recent election results indicate a positive attitude towards democracy and a belief that it can bring about change. He noted that in the past, election discussions in the Northeast region used to revolve around political violence.

He reflected on the challenging past in Tripura, where opposition parties were unable to raise their flag during the Left's reign without being subjected to violence.

PM Modi said that, today, as soon as he turned on the TV, the Northeast election results were prominently displayed. This demonstrates that the Northeast is neither far from Delhi nor from our hearts.

Visited Northeast More Than 50 Times as PM

Sharing a recent incident, he said that during his visit to the Northeast, PM Modi was reminded by a citizen that he has visited the region more than 50 times since assuming office as the Prime Minister. Upon reflection, he recognized this as a testament to the people's affection and expressed contentment that his efforts have yielded positive outcomes.

The Prime Minister expressed his pleasure at the fact that the people of the Northeast are now realising that their concerns are being addressed and that they are no longer being neglected.

Secret Behind BJP's Poll Success

PM Modi commented on the ongoing analysis of the BJP's recent victory and noted that some people are struggling to understand the secret behind the party's success. He attributed it to the convergence of three elements or "Triveni" - the government's actions, work ethic, and the service of the BJP workers, which collectively enhance the party's 'shakti'.

They Ran Away From Challenges, We Prioritised Them

In today's political climate, many politicians are more concerned with their media coverage than taking on challenging issues. However, the BJP has changed this paradigm by dedicating itself to finding practical solutions to the most pressing problems faced by the people.

For instance, despite 70 years of Independence, the villages in the north-east region were still without basic amenities like tap water, pakka houses, airports, and highways. The previous governments neglected these challenges as they were deemed too difficult to address. In contrast, the BJP government prioritised these difficult projects and successfully completed them, enabling the nation to fight poverty more effectively.

Salute to BJP Workers

BJP's committed and dedicated party workers have persevered through the most challenging circumstances, keeping the party's flag flying high. Despite being subjected to targeted violence, these workers remain steadfast in their commitment to serving the nation and never allow the country's aspirations to falter.

When a party has such a committed workforce, nothing seems impossible.

Women's 'Suraksha Kavach'

PM Modi noted that women's 'surakhsha kavach' for BJP is getting stronger. He stated that the women of the Northeast have benefited greatly from the BJP's policies, which have led to an increase in their trust and support for the party.

BJP has given Nagaland its first woman Rajya Sabha MP. Today, for the first time, since its statehood, a female candidate has reached the assembly. These achievements reflect the BJP's commitment to empowering women.

Lotus Blooms Despite Opposition's Ill Wishes

The Prime Minister remarked that despite some people harbouring ill will towards him and his well-being, the lotus - symbolising the BJP - continues to bloom and thrive across the country.

The Prime Minister took a dig at AAP, stating that some political parties even engage in corruption with a "kattar" approach. He also mentioned that there are those who wish "Mar Ja Modi" (Die Modi), but the people of the country are saying "Don't go Modi" or "Mat Ja Modi".

Congress's Dismissal of Northeast as 'Smaller States'"

The Prime Minister expressed his disappointment towards the Congress party's attitude towards the northeastern states of India, where they referred to them as "smaller states" whose results do not matter. He noted that such comments are an insult to the people of the region who have been neglected for decades by parties like Congress, which have focused solely on vote bank politics.

Poll Results Dispels Labels and Myth Around BJP

The Prime Minister noted that some opposition parties and their supporters have tried to label the BJP in various ways, but the party has managed to break all those myths.

He mentioned that one of the myths was that the BJP did not have a presence in tribal belts, but the party has proven that false with its recent successes in the tribal belts of Gujarat and northeastern states.

The Prime Minister highlighted that for decades, certain political parties and their supporters have propagated the idea that minorities should fear the BJP. However, recent election results in Goa and the northeastern states have demolished this false narrative. He noted that the 'Christian brothers and sisters in Nagaland have also shown their support for the BJP'. 

Congress and Left's Deceptive Posturing

Some political parties oppose each other in one state, but form alliances in other states. The people of Kerala will be able to see through the tactics of the Congress and Left parties, who are attempting to deceive the public. And very soon, there will be a BJP-led government in Kerala too, said the Prime Minister.

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