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Specific Community Working To Increase Numbers: NDA Ally Sanjay Nishad

Kuldeep Negi

Jul 11, 2024, 01:35 PM | Updated 01:34 PM IST

UP Minister Sanjay Nishad
UP Minister Sanjay Nishad

Uttar Pradesh cabinet minister and NISHAD party Chief Sanjay Nishad on Wednesday (11 July) supported the Population Control Bill introduced in 2019, claiming a particular community is increasing the country's population under a mission.

"A specific community is working under a mission to increase the country's population. The way their messages go viral on social media, and the way their leaders give speeches related to increasing population, it may happen that they will take over the country in the coming years", Nishad told news agency ANI.

Nishad further asserted that this community is spreading messages on social media, claiming their religion allows them to boost their population numbers.

"They (the specific community) are promulgating messages on social media, claiming that their religion permits them to increase the population. They have nothing to do with the country. It is the responsibility of the government to keep the nation balanced", he said.

Advocating for the population control Bill, Nishad said, "The power of the country is in our hands. So, if any such missions aiming to increase the population are in force in the country, we should understand that the Constitution belongs to those who believe in sovereignty. That is why we are in support of the Population Control Bill."

India has recently surpassed China, becoming the most populated country in the world, with a population of 141.72 crores compared to China's 141.22 crores.

Earlier, the private Population Control Bill of 2019, which was withdrawn in 2022, proposed a 'two-children' policy for each couple.

Experts highlight that increasing population presents significant challenges for under-developed and developing countries like India, particularly due to resource scarcity among other issues.

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