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'Will Punish Those Responsible For Paper Leaks': 11 Key Highlights From PM Modi's Speech In Rajya Sabha

Kuldeep Negi

Jul 03, 2024, 02:22 PM | Updated 04:10 PM IST

PM Narendra Modi in Rajya Sabha
PM Narendra Modi in Rajya Sabha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday (3 July) highlighted his government's unprecedented consecutive return to power, and expressed gratitude for public support in his speech in Rajya Sabha.

Here are the key highlights of his speech in Lok Sabha on Motion of Thanks on the President's address:

1. Acknowledgement of Continuous Governance

Reflecting on the rare occurrence of a government returning to power consecutively for third term, he said, "After ten years, one government has continuously returned to power. This event is unprecedented in Indian democracy after six decades."

PM Modi also noted the grudging acceptance of NDA victory by the opposition, saying, "I have seen that defeat is being accepted and victory is being accepted reluctantly."

2. Support from the Public

He expressed pride in the public's support, stating, "The people have blessed us, loved us immensely. I am proud of the intellect the people of my country have displayed during the elections."

PM Modi said that the people of the country have rejected deceitful politics and endorsed the 'politics of trust'.

3. Respect for Constitution

PM Modi said that the Constitution given by Babasaheb Ambedkar has enabled people like him to reach at the top post of the country.

Emphasising the importance of the Constitution, PM Modi said, "We believe that the Constitution works as a lighthouse for any government and guides us".

He criticised the opposition for initially opposing the celebration of Constitution Day.

"When it was said in the Lok Sabha that we will celebrate November 26 as Constitution Day, those who roam around with copies of the Constitution opposed it," he said, in an apparent attack on Congress.

PM Modi said that dozens of articles of the Constitution were violated during the past under Congress' rule.

"Who doesn't remember the tale of 38th, 39th and 42nd Constitutional Amendments? The word like 'Sanvidhan Ki Raksha' doesn't even suit the Opposition," he said.

4. Economic and Technological Vision

PM Modi also shared his vision for economic growth, stating, "When we become the third largest economy in the world, there will definitely be a positive impact on every aspect not only in India but also across the world."

Emphasising the tech-driven future, he remarked, "This century is a tech-driven century! We'll soon see new footprints in new sectors."

5. Support for Farmers

PM Modi also detailed his government's efforts for farmers.

"We have focused on making agriculture and farmers profitable. We have tried our best to strengthen every system for farmers from seeds to markets," he said.

He added, "Our scheme has benefited 10 crore farmers. We have provided three lakh crore rupees to farmers".

6. Criticism of Opposition

Responding to Congress's walkout, he said, "The entire country is watching, those who spread lies do not even have the strength to listen to the truth!...They are insulting the Upper House."

7. Commitment to Inclusivity

PM Modi highlighted the government's efforts for marginalised groups, including transgenders.

"Our government has worked on making laws for transgender people...We have also included transgender individuals in the Padma Awards," he said.

8. Post-Election Market Reaction

PM Modi also highlighted the post-election surge in the share markets after NDA victory.

He also expressed surprise on why Congress, which won only 99 seats, was celebrating the election results.

"Post the election results, a big boom is being seen in the capital market. But amidst all this, I wonder why the Congress party is happy and celebrating...Is this happiness due to a 'hat-trick of defeat'?" Modi remarked.

9. NEET Issue

Speaking on the NEET paper leaks and irregularities issue, PM Modi assured that those who played with students' future will not be spared.

"I assure all of you that those who cheated on you and your aspirations will not be spared by us! I promise the youth of my country that we will strictly punish those who have played with their future. We have made stern and strong laws for the same," PM Modi said.

He also said that no politics should be done on a serious issue like paper leaks.

10. Allegations against Central agencies

PM Modi also responded to allegations of misuse of central agencies against the government.

"AAP commits liquor scam, AAP commits corruption, AAP commits scam in building classrooms for children, AAP even commits water scam… Congress complains against AAP, Congress drags AAP to court and if action is taken then they abuse Modi," PM Modi said.

"Now AAP and Congress have become partners. If AAP has the courage then it should demand an answer from the Congress party. Congress should tell the country that in the press conference, Congress had presented so many proofs of AAP's scams before the country, were those proofs true or false?," he added.

"I am saying it without mincing words, we have given a free hand to the agencies to take action against corruption and corrupt people. Yes, he should work honestly for honesty. No corrupt person will be spared, this is Modi's guarantee," he said.

11. Ignorance of North-East by Opposition

PM Modi also attacked Opposition for ignoring the development of North East India when they were in the power.

"They had left North East to its fate. They never cared for this region as it 'lacked' any political motivation and gains for them. But today, North East is being given due focus and priority. We are making North East a strong and empowered 'engine' of the nation's growth," he said.

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