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Anmol Jain

Jun 09, 2024, 09:16 AM | Updated 04:47 PM IST

Working Longer Hours: The Survivors’ Guide


- Sanjeev Sanyal

Business icon and information technology pioneer Narayana Murthy triggered a nationwide debate in October 2023 when he suggested that the youth should be prepared to work 70 hours a week. He added that, “I used to work 84-90 hours a week till I retired”.

The debate revived again in June 2024 when well-known financier Nilesh Shah stated that, like in China and Korea, one generation would have to work 12-hour days (implying 84-hours a week) in order to take India to a developed country. Again, these comments attracted some support and lots of criticism about work-life balance, productivity and so on.

In both cases, Murthy and Shah were trying to make the case for a culture of hard work. They probably did not expect passing comments to become national debates. This is not a debate where I would normally spend much time, but given the high level of interest in the subject among the youth, it probably needs to be addressed meaningfully.

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