The Right People podcast series initiated by Centre Right India to highlight people who are not politicians or involved closely with professional politics. CRI talks to those who identify with centre-right politics from across the vast Right framework – economic right-wingers, libertarians, traditionalists, Swadeshi right, etc.

Undoubtedly, these groups bicker much among themselves and are not part of any monolithic Right; however, they all have their place in national politics as long as they represent a community of interests and values within the state. CRI recognizes this diversity and welcomes it, and The Right People tries to talk to different people to better understand their views and aims.

In the thirteenth episode of The Right People, CRI editor Amar talks to S. Sudhir Kumar.

 Sudhir Kumar is a veteran blogger well known for his media affairs commentary. A commentator for more than 6 years Sudhir was among the first who signed up to write for CRI. Sudhir also blogs on food and have reviewed over 150 restaurants in Hyderabad alone. He spends his free time teaching college students in weekends.



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