NCERT Updates Textbooks; Mughal Empire Chapters Removed From Class 12 History Book

Swarajya Staff

Apr 03, 2023, 07:55 PM | Updated 08:14 PM IST

An NCERT history textbook for Class 12 students
An NCERT history textbook for Class 12 students

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has updated their textbooks.

Notably, chapters on the Mughal Empire have been removed from the Class 12 history book.

The book 'Themes in Indian History-Part II' no longer includes chapters on 'Kings and Chronicles; the Mughal Courts (C. 16th and 17th centuries)'.

The Class 12 civics book has been updated, with two chapters ('American Hegemony in World Politics' and 'The Cold War Era') removed, along with revisions made to the history and Hindi textbooks.

The 'Indian Politics after Independence' textbook for Class 12 has removed the two chapters 'Rise of Popular Movements' and 'Era of One Party Dominance'.

The 'Democratic Politics-II' textbook for Class 10 has undergone changes, including the removal of chapters on 'Democracy and Diversity', 'Popular Struggles and Movements', and 'Challenges of Democracy', while some revisions have also been made to Class 11 books.

Class 11 textbook 'Themes in World History' no longer includes chapters like 'Central Islamic Lands', 'Clash of Cultures', and 'Industrial Revolution'.

The changes will be implemented from the current 2023-2024 academic session.

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