'Congress Is Parjeevi, Rahul Gandhi Is Balak Buddhi': 25 Highlights From PM Modi's Address In Lok Sabha

Nishtha Anushree

Jul 02, 2024, 04:28 PM | Updated 06:26 PM IST

Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday (2 July) credited his government's achievement of alleviating 25 crore people out of poverty and zero tolerance policy against corruption for securing a third consecutive term.

Here are the key highlights of his speech in Lok Sabha on Motion of Thanks on the President's address:

1. Secularism versus appeasement: Modi said that while previous governments did appeasement politics, his government worked on the principles of secularism to satisfy every section of society.

"Saturation ensures social justice. Saturation is true secularism. Appeasement destroyed this country. Hence, our principle is appeasement to none. After 10 years of government, we got the mandate again," he said.

2. Viksit Bharat: "When the country is developed, then dreams of crores of people are fulfilled. It lays the foundation for the future generations. It improves conditions of villages and cities," PM Modi said.

He assured that sincere efforts will be done to make India developed by 2047. "24X7 for 2047," Modi reiterated his slogan recalling how India has traversed upward since 2014.

3. Before 2014: The PM recalled that before 2014, the newspapers used to be full of news about scams and referred to former PM Rajiv Gandhi's statement that only 15 paise of 1 rupee reaches the poor.

"There was policy paralysis. We were in fragile five. Common people had lost hope. Even for a gas connection, one had to visit several offices. Free ration was uncertain," Modi recalled past instances.

4. After 2014: "Our country is confident now. People now believe that everything is possible," the PM said citing fast 5G rollout and increased coal production contrary to 2G scam and coal scam under UPA.

"Today India's banks are making maximum profits in world. Today we do surgical strikes and air strikes to teach lessons to terrorists. The wall of Article 370 has fallen down," Modi said.

"These people dancing with Constitution on their heads did not have courage to implement the Constitution in Jammu and Kashmir. Democracy is strengthened there as was witnessed in recent elections," he added.

5. Future: Modi said that the trust showed by people in his government has become a driving force for development and this trust is the foundation of a developed India.

"We have to compete with ourselves, break our own record. We want to increase the pace of the development. We will take every sector to next level. We will become third largest economy," the PM said.

Asserting that India will emerge in the semiconductor sector in the similar way as India became a large manufacturer and exporter of mobile phones, Modi said, "Semiconductor chips will be made here."

6. Third term: "3 crore more houses will be built for poor. To increase economic activity of Women Self Help Groups, we will make 3 crore such sisters Lakhpati Didis," Modi said adding that his government will work at 3x speed.

"We will put three times more efforts. We will bring three times more output," Modi said adding that a third term is secured by not political play but by real work.

7. Elections: "In all four Assembly elections held simultaneously with Lok Sabha elections, NDA registered an unprecedented victory. We got blessed from Lord Jagannath in Odisha, NDA clean swept in Andhra Pradesh," he said.

"We formed government once again in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. Six months ago, we won in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. We got love from people in new places," Modi said.

"BJP opened its account in Kerala. In Tamil Nadu, BJP got substantial votes in various seats. We got more votes than last Assembly elections in Haryana, Maharashtra and Jharkhand. In Punjab also, we performed well," he added.

8. Mandate for Congress: Modi said that the people have given a mandate for Congress to sit in Opposition and keep shouting. He highlighted that Congress could not secure a tally of 100 in three consecutive elections.

"It would be good if Congress accepted it's loss. But they are trying to prove that they have defeated us. It's like the Congress ecosystem is trying to pamper a kid," Modi said.

9. Congress since 1984: Modi said that 10 Lok Sabha elections have been held since 1984 but Congress could never cross 250 seats in any of these, this time it got trapped in 99 ka chakkar.

"99 is not out of 100 but out of 543. Now who will convince that kid that he has made a world record in failing. Congress leaders have left Sholay film behind in claiming moral victory," the PM said.

"Mausi, we got zero seats in 13 states, but we have hero. Mausi, the party is is in crisis, but it is still survivng," Modi said referring to famous scene between Jai and mausi in Sholay film.

10. Parjeevi Congress: Modi said that Congress allies should understand that in 2024, Congress has become a parjeevi (parasite) party, which means that it eats its host suggesting that Congress will eat vote share of its allies.

"Congress strike rate is only 26 per cent in direct contest against BJP. But where they were junior partners, Congress strike rate is 50 per cent. Most of Congress' seats won due to its ally parties," Modi said.

He claimed that Congress' vote share dropped in those 16 states, where it contested alone. In Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Odisha, it could win only two of 64 seats, Modi said.

"If Congress would not have gotten votes of its allies, it could not win 99 seats," Modi claimed adding that people have decided to make India developed.

11. Congress' anarchy: Modi said that it is country's misfortune that a party which ruled for six decades is dividing the country across language, region and caste lines and trying to create anarchy.

"Congress committed crime to give Lok Sabha ticket (Bengaluru Rural) to that leader (D K Suresh) who talked about dividing North and South India. Congress is working to bring economic anarchy," the PM said.

"Congress ruled states are deliberately trying to become economic burden on the country. Statements were made from stage that if they do not get desired results, the country will be set on fire," Modi added.

"By bringing India's democracy under question, Congress tried to spread anarchy. People were misled on CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) for politics. Riots were tried to be provoked," the PM alleged.

12. New drama: Modi said that the Congress has begun new drama of gaining sympathy by running false narratives, referring to Rahul Gandhi's address in Lok Sabha yesterday.

"He (Rahul Gandhi) is out on bail over financial irregularities of crores of rupees, he has served sentence over remarks against OBC community, he has case against him for insulting Veer Savarkar and BJP president, he has various cases over lying," Modi said.

13. On Rahul Gandhi: "Balak buddhi neither has talking sense, nor behavioural sense. They embrace anyone, they wink in the House. Country is saying tumse na ho payega to him," the PM said referring to Rahul Gandhi.

Quoting Tulsidas, Modi said that Congress has weaponised lies for politics and it has tasted blood of lies. "Khatakhat divas was celebrated yesterday," Modi said claiming that people were waiting for Rs 8,500 on 1 July.

14. Congress' destruction: The PM said that all these lies on EVMs, Constitution, reservation, Rafale, HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limites) and LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) will cause Congress' destruction.

He said that these lies were even spoken in the House like false claims on Agniveer and MSPs (Minimum Support Price) and cautioned that this could put country in danger.

15. Serious concern: Modi said that comments made yesterday should be taken seriously and should not be ignored by considering it balak buddhi because the intentions behind them are vile.

"Their lies will create illusion in minds of common people. It slaps their intellect. It is a slap on our country's tradition," Modi said urging Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla to take strict action against Rahul Gandhi.

16. Congress' mindset: The PM alleged that the Emergency was imposed only in the greed of power and Congress crossed all limits of atrocities during that period by silencing media and working against Constitution.

Quoting B R Ambedkar, Modi alleged that first PM Jawaharlal Nehru discriminated against Dalits and tried to end political career of Babasaheb Ambedkar by making him lose in elections.

"Similar to Babasaheb Ambedkar, Dalit leader Babu Jagjivan Ram was discriminated against. Former PM Indira Gandhi did not allow him to become PM. Congress also discriminated against Chaudhary Charan Singh and Sitaram Kesri," he added.

17. Congress against reservation: Modi claimed that Congress has been opposing reservation since beginning and that Nehru wrote to Chief Ministers of states asking to not implement reservations.

"Mandal Commission report was kept in cold box by Indira Gandhi. Rajeev Gandhi's longest speech was against reservation," the PM said adding that Rahul Gandhi's remarks will not be forgiven.

18. On Hinduism: Quoting Swami Vivekanand, Modi said that Hindus are tolerant and hence India remains a diverse country. "It is a serious concern that Hindus are being falsely implicated," he added.

"It was said that Hindus are violent. Is it your character? Is it your hatred? This country will not forget this for centuries. A few days ago, he (Rahul Gandhi) talked against Shakti in Hinduism," Modi said.

"These people tried to run Hindu terrorism narrative. Their allies (DMK) compare Hinduism to dengue and malaria. The country will never forget them. This is a well-thought strategy to demonise Hindus," he added.

19. On images of gods: Objecting to Rahul Gandhi using images of gods as prop, Modi said, "Jiske darshan hote hain, uske pradarshan nahin hote (Gods are not to exhibit)" urging Hindu society to think on the issue.

20. On Army: Defending Agniveer scheme, Modi said that our defence sector has witnessed reforms, army is being modernised and efforts are on to make our armed forces battle-ready.

"Post of CDS (Chief of Defence Staff) was created, it will help in building Theatre Commands. Work is on for making army self-reliant and young. National security is a serious concern," the PM said.

"Facing abuses, we are working for armed reforms in silence because much information cannot be shared and they are spreading lies to weaken our reforms. Congress never wants a strong Indian Army," Modi said referring to Nehru era.

"Since independence, they did corruption in procurement for armed forces. All these scams stopped Army from strengthening. There was a time when our troops did not have bullet-proof jackets," Modi said.

"Congress conspired so that fighter jets do not reach Indian Air Force. Balak buddhi used to mock army by playing with Rafale prototypes," Modi said attacking Rahul Gandhi.

"They are spreading lies on recruitment in army so that people don't join army. For whose benefit the Congress wants to weaken our Army?" Modi questioned alleging that lies were spread on One Rank, One Pension (OROP).

"Rs 1.2 lakh crore were distributed under OROP amid Covid pandemic," Modi informed the parliament.

21. On paper leaks: PM Modi assured that the government is serious to stop paper leaks and steps are being taken to fix all issues.

"Those who play with the future of the youth will not be spared. Many arrests have been made in NEET case. Already, a strict law is in place. To make the complete system foolproof, necessary steps are being taken," Modi said.

22. Modern world: Modi said that the government is working to make India a hub of green hydrogen and to become a dominant force in renewable energy and electric vehicles.

He said that the aim is to make modern infrastructure, augment employment opportunities and skill development so that India emerges as leader in Industry 4.0.

Highest job creation in 18 years and digital payment system were other achievements of India emphasised by PM Modi. He alleged that those who envy India's development are using wrong ways to attack us.

23. Conspiracies: Modi quoted Supreme Court and said, "It seems that efforts are being made to express suspicions and weaken the progress of this great nation. These efforts should be stopped in the beginning."

He alleged that some people from India are helping these powers and cautioned that we should be aware of them. He challenged Congress ecosystem and said that its conspiracies will be answered in its language.

"The country will never tolerate anti-national conspiracies. We are noting fine details. Now the elections are over and we have been chosen for five years. All members should contribute to developed India," Modi said.

24. Positive politics: Modi urged INDI Alliance members to compete with NDA for good governance, invite foreign investment in their states and compete in creating employment opportunities.

25. Hathras: PM Modi expressed condolence over the Hathras stampede where several people lost their lives. He assured that affected people will be provided financial assistance.

Nishtha Anushree is Senior Sub-editor at Swarajya. She tweets at @nishthaanushree.

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