'Open Day': IISc All Set Take Its Science To Students And The Public On 4 March

Karan Kamble

Feb 19, 2023, 09:16 PM | Updated Feb 24, 2023, 04:33 PM IST

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru (Photo: Ramrishna Sarkar/Wikimedia Commons)
The Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru (Photo: Ramrishna Sarkar/Wikimedia Commons)
  • IISc's open day is an annual event that seeks to inculcate the spirit of scientific inquiry in people of all ages.
  • On this day, the premier institute's doors are thrown open to all.
  • The Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, will open its doors to all and sundry early in March for its "open day."

    The open day is an annual occasion for anyone at all to experience the spectacle of science at India's premier higher education and research institute.

    Returning after a gap of two years, Bengaluru-based IISc's biggest outreach event will take place on Saturday, 4 March 2023, from 9 am to 5 pm.

    IISc organises the open day close to two important days of science — National Science Day (28 February) and Founder's Day (3 March).

    National Science Day marks the anniversary of the discovery of the Raman Effect, and Sir C V Raman was the first Indian director of IISc (1933-37). Founder's Day, on the other hand, marks the birth anniversary of IISc's founder, Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata.

    The open day seeks to cultivate a spirit of scientific enquiry in people of all ages. Entry is free of charge and open to all. Registration is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory.

    “Through Open Day, we hope to share the excitement of science and engineering with every visitor, and inspire them to develop the scientific temper necessary to become a responsible citizen of the modern world,” IISc's director, Professor G Rangarajan, said.

    Students, science and technology enthusiasts, and the general public will be able to engage with science at IISc through popular lectures, experiments, presentations, quiz contests, competitions, and exhibitions.

    Visitors will be able to see various sophisticated scientific equipment and facilities, and how they are put to work to help answer fundamental questions and devise engineering solutions.

    Especially for the younger lot, a "Kids Zone" will feature many accessible science and technology demonstrations. IISc students who are members of 'Science for Rural India' will host the experiments. This child-friendly science platform has been going strong since 2017.

    The institute will make e-rickshaws (Transvahan) available for easy commute inside the campus, and helpdesks at various spots will offer visitors assistance.

    In the spirit of a "green open day," IISc is requesting visitors to make full use of garbage bins and bring along their own water bottles.

    Whether inside the many departments and centres or out and about in the campus, the open day will offer the chance to interact with scientists and engage with various science and technology initiatives at the institute.

    The open day has potential to stoke the interest of many young minds, who may then go on to develop a fruitful, lasting relationship with science — or even have a career in the sciences.

    Its origins can be traced back to a suggestion of an "Open Week" made by a review committee that met on 22 September 1956.

    The first annual week at IISc was held the next year, in March 1957. Eventually, it took on the form of an open day down the decades.

    In the previous edition of the open day in 2020, more than 50,000 people were in attendance. The numbers could be larger this time around as the open day returns after two years.

    (Check IISc's open day website for all essential information.)

    Karan Kamble writes on science and technology. He occasionally wears the hat of a video anchor for Swarajya's online video programmes.

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