Watch: First Look Of India’s largest Crowd-Sourced Sanskrit Animated Movie

It is a combination of many firsts. The first Sanskrit animation film, Punyakoti whose trailer has been released today is an attempt to tell one of the oldest and most heard folk tales of Kannada in one of the newest formats and in a language that is said to be as ancient as this land.

A Kannada folktale, Punyakoti is the story of a cow who believed that truth alone is divine. There is none in Karnataka who would not have heard of the tale of Punyakoti. All those who grew up before technology took over lives and folk tales and folk songs were still a part of childhood, have grown up hearing the song of Punyakoti or the tale of the cow that stood for truth being sung to them.

But to watch it come alive in animation and in a language that is surely being seen as the next big export from India, Sanskrit, is a whole different deal.

Its uniqueness quotient is upped by the fact that it is Ravi Shankar, a techie working in silicon city who having encountered the story a few years ago decided to create this film. One frame at a time , the storyboard of this unique film has been entirely crowd sourced. From the money to the myth everything has seen contribution from the public as the Infosyian sought to make this the largest crowdfunded and crowdsourced moviemaking experiment in India.

With music maestro Illayaraja on board the film, this retelling is still in its post production stages and seeks more hands to support the venture.