US Space Force Has Activated A Dedicated Unit To Target Adversary Satellites And Ground Stations

Swarajya News Staff

Aug 21, 2023, 05:27 PM | Updated 05:27 PM IST

This patch was revealed as a part of the activation of the US Space Force's first targeting squadron
This patch was revealed as a part of the activation of the US Space Force's first targeting squadron

The first and only unit of the US Space Force dedicated to targeting other nations' satellites and their ground stations was activated recently at Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado.

The unit is known as the 75th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron (ISRS). It is a part of Space Delta 7 - Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, which is responsible for providing intelligence on adversary space capabilities.

The squadron's tasks include analysing potential targets, locating and tracking them, and engaging in actions that may involve disrupting or destroying adversary satellites and their supporting ground stations and transmissions.

“The 75th ISRS conducts advanced analysis on adversary space force and counterspace force threats along with their associated architectures,” said said Lt Col Travis Anderson, the leader of the squadron, according to a US Space Force statement.

Anderson explained the terms "space forces" and "counterspace forces":

“Space forces are space capabilities used by a country to facilitate their joint warfighting.

"Counterspace forces, also called space attack forces, are space capabilities designed to deny the United States the ability to use our satellite systems during conflict.”

According to the 75th ISRS operations superintendent, Master Sgt Desiree Cabrera, the new squadron is the first and only targeting unit dedicated to supporting the US Space Force and its missions.

"Not only are we standing up the sole targeting squadron in the U.S. Space Force, we are changing the way targeting is done across the joint community when it comes to space and electromagnetic warfare," he said.

During the activation ceremony on 11 August, the unit's patch was unveiled. It features a grim reaper with a delta-shaped nose.

The reaper is said to signify the demise of any adversary the squadron would target.

The delta shape symbolises "the historic ties to the early days of the U.S. Air Force space community and represents change and innovation."

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