Jobs At Swarajya: Looking for Staff Writers, Sub-Editors And Newsroom Associates  

Jobs At Swarajya: Looking for Staff Writers, Sub-Editors And Newsroom Associates  Jobs at Swarajya! 

Swarajya aims to be the authoritative voice of reason representing the liberal centre-right point of view in India. As a brand with a rich and storied legacy of over five decades we see ourselves as articulating a world view that is truly modern without losing touch with the genius that is uniquely Indian.

To publish something new on Swarajya is to perform the difficult task of supplementing the vast knowledge base of our well-read audience. To help us do this we are constantly looking to hire inquisitive, deeply passionate individuals. We are looking for individuals who are

  • extremely well-read, always curious and argumentative. We look for candidates who wake up every morning with a mild sense of panic over having missed the last six hours of the news-cycle.
  • have a background in economics, history, political science or journalism; and are able to demonstrate their grasp of the subject.
  • able to quickly write a 300 word summary of a development connecting today’s news with the larger context. Write short summaries of long pieces for our audience.
  • very comfortable with using all the major tools and applications involved in publishing, i.e WordPress, Tweetdeck, Google docs and Trello.
  • have a good understanding of how social media and digital publishing works.

If the above sounds like you then we are very interested in talking to you. Please use the form below to apply.


Newsroom Associates (Ideal for freshers), Staff Writers (1-2 years experience), Sub Editors (1-2 years experience)


A Bachelors or a Masters degree in humanities would be ideal. Political science, economics and history grads preferred. However, if you are an engineering student and have read 200 more books than the History chap you are welcome to apply!



To Apply:

Send a 140 character description of your profile to


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