The Swarajya 52 Book Reviews Challenge

 The Swarajya 52 Book Reviews ChallengeSwarajya

Dear Reader,

The easiest way to tempt scholars is to offer them books.

For Jaideep Prabhu - our in-house expert on nuclear energy, foreign policy and Israel - that is exactly what we did.

We offered to buy him a book - any book he fancied - every week. And in return, he promised to file a review that you can enjoy reading every Sunday.

We've done this for 15 weeks so far and hope to continue doing this for an entire year.

For Swarajya, this is just another fun challenge to bring you scholarly and deeply engaging reading material every weekend.

If you like projects like these, do consider supporting us by buying a Swarajya subscription. After all, Jaideep somehow manages to read more books than we can manage to buy for him!

You can read all of Jaideep's reviews here.

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