Letters From Readers: Services Of Kanchi Mutt To Tamil

R Rangan

Feb 06, 2018, 06:01 PM | Updated 06:01 PM IST

Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal. (
Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal. (
  • Swarajya received this draft from Dr R Rangan in response to our editorial ‘Stand Up And Be Counted: Kanchi Mutt Seer Has No Excuse To Disrespect Tamil State Song’.
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    Kanchi swamigal built a temple for Nandanar (a Harijan Tamil saint) in Adanur, Nandanar’s town, and opened it on 23 June 1999. The Kanchi Mutt rebuilt the birthplace of Tirugyanasambandhar (a great Tamil saint-poet) at Sirgazhi, made arrangement for classes of Thevaram (an ancient Tamil literature that contains hymns of Shiva), established his sculptures and depicted his compositions there.

    Honouring scholars

    The Kanchi Mutt honoured U V Samintha Iyer, celebrated as “Thamizh Thathatha”, the grandfather of Tamil, with the award of Dakshinatya Kalanidhi and K V Janagannathan, a great Tamil scholar, with the award of Vagisha Kalanidhi. Kanchi swamigal honoured great scholars like T P Minakshi Sundaranar, Kadhisheranchettiyar, T M Krishnasami, a great scholar of Tiruppugal. In the golden jubilee of Shri Jayendra Sarasvati swamigal (23 December 2003), Kanchi Mutt honoured Tamil scholars like T V Gopala Aiyer (a great scholar of Kamba Ramayanam), T N Ramachandran (a scholar of Tamil compositions of Nanmars, Periyapuranam and literary works of Subramania Bharati) and V Shivasubramanian (a great Shaivite scholar of Tamil). Forty-eight Tamil scholars were honoured in the same day with Rs 10,000, a golden coin, a golden chain and a watch.

    The Kanchi Mutt honoured 108 Odhuvars (those who sing traditionally the compositions of ancient Tamil saints) on 5 July 1984 by offering rudraksha garlands, shawls and money. Particularly Kanchi swamigal honoured six Odhuvars by offering six gold bracelets and the award of “Tamil Marai Isai Mamani”. Later, Kanchi Mutt organised a function to honour 108 Odhuvars again. When all Odhuvars came, Shri Chandrasekara Sarasvati swamigal attained the lotus feet of the lord. Therefore, all Odhuvars participated in the final departure by reciting Thevaram, which resonated with the atmosphere.

    Kanchi swamigal honoured the great scholars of Thirumurai (a Tamil Shaivite text) like S Dandapani Deshikar and K Vellai Varanarar with the award of “Tirumurai Uraimani”. The Kanchi Mutt also honoured the great scholars of Tirumurai like K Vajravel Mudaliyar and C Arunaivadivel.


    The Kanchi Mutt has published many Tamil books that significantly contribute to Tamil culture. To name a few, Tirumurai Talangal, Arutkalanjiyam, Tiruvishaippaa Talangal and Moovar Tevaram Adangal Murai. With the blessings and guidance of Shri Chandrashekhara Sarasvati swamigal, V Mahadevan published a book named Shivapada shekaranin Tanjaik Kalvettugal, which is about the stone inscriptions of the king Rajaraja, who built the ancient temple of Brihadishvara in Tanjore, containing 300 pages.

    Deeds to grow Tamil

    In 2013, Shri Vijayendra Saraswati swamigal opened Shri Jayendra Tamil Patashalai (a school for Tamil in which Tamil literature is taught exclusively). The teachers here are appointed by having Mayilam Shivasubramaniam, a great Tamil scholar as its principal.

    While jyotisha scholars predicted that the three days (21, 22 and 23 February 1962)  would be terrible days bringing natural calamity, as eight grahas (but for rahu) are going to get united in makara rashi, Kanchi swamigal requested the people to recite Kolaru Tiruppadigam (composed by Thirugyanasambandhar for the world welfare) morning and evening. He arranged for printing several thousands of copies of this composition and distributed them freely.

    The Kanchi Mutt conducted a Tamil essay competition for school children about Periya Puranam (a Tamil hagiography) in which thousands participated and praises were offered on a grand scale. The Mutt conducted oral competitions wherein the children would memorise Neethi Nul (Tamil books that are related to a righteous way of life and ethics) and recite. The children of Class-III can participate in the competition of Ouvvai’s Athichuvadi, Class-IV children in Kottrai Vendan, Class-V children in Ulaga Niti, Class-VI, VII & VIII in Moodurai, Class-IX & X in Nalvazhi, Class-XI & XII in the first 50 poems in Kumaresha Shatakam and college students in 25 chapters of Tirukkural and offered praises on a grand scale.

    The Kanchi Mutt has conducted hundreds of conferences of Tiruppavai and Tiruvembavai (ancient Tamil compositions about Vishnu and Shiva) throughout Tamil Nadu, making millions to recite both literary works everywhere.

    In the centenary celebration of Shri Chandra Shekara Sarasvati swamigal, Shri Vijayendra Sarasvati swamigal published and distributed padigams (ancient Tamil poems about various Shiva shrines) in the respective pilgrims.

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