Thank You Dear Readers, Now Let’s Take This Further 

Thank You Dear Readers, Now Let’s Take This Further Swarajya

Dear Reader, First of all, may I, on behalf of the whole—small—Swarajya team, thank you for your support in our endeavour.

A few of us, friends and believers, launched Swarajya a year ago, powered by a dream. That dream was to provide an honest alternative viewpoint on politics, economy, culture, and all that we see around us at a crucial historical point for our nation and the world.

We aim to be a truly independent media platform that invests in quality content, commentary and opinion that is not fettered by commercial, corporate motives or narrow political interests. We believe that we are at a cusp of a new India, and we should engage in the quest for new ideas that would make our great nation, with its heritage and wisdom, unleash her full energies and achieve her true potential.

We want to change the prevalent mainstream narrative, and stand for freedom and pride—free markets, free will, free speech, and an Indian spirit that must rise once more.

To know more about what we stand for, can I ask you to click here (it will take you a minute to read)?

We follow the principles of the great patriot and philosopher C. Rajagopalachari, who launched Swarajya in 1956 as the only credible voice against the “License-Permit Raj” (a term that was coined by Rajaji himself in Swarajya). We wish to realize his vision of a classical liberalism that includes all, and frees everyone to achieve his or her potential to the fullest.

We do not think of Swarajya as just a magazine or a digital platform. We look at it as a movement for building a new ecosystem for creating a fresh and vibrant India that draws from our glorious past and looks towards an rainbow future.

It also gives me great pleasure to inform you that, our website, in its 18 months of existence, has been remarkably successful.

Swarajya, in fact, has been listed as one amongst “Nine Disruptors We Should Keep An Eye On” by the business newspaper Mint.

Yes, we want to be disruptors. However, magazine subscription revenues remain our principal pillar of strength (and our monthly magazine’s content is quite exclusive of our 24/7 website content). Your support will be invaluable for us to strive to become the vehicle of Indic-centric ideas and to play a role in shaping a narrative that challenges entrenched positions (disruption!).

We believe we are a media platform that deals with ideas whose time has come. If you too think that there is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come, do support us.

We are offering a special discounted rate of Rs 1200/- for 12 months for renewal of subscriptions.

Thank you for your time and patience. To subscribe, click here

Prasanna Viswanathan is CEO, Swarajya. His confused worldview is a complex interplay of several profound influences - Aurobindo, Ambedkar, Rajaji, Savarkar, Shourie and Dawkins.

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