Bengaluru: Peripheral Ring Road To Feature 16 Flyovers, 10 Overpasses, And 12 Underpasses For Traffic Relief

V Bhagya Subhashini

Feb 02, 2024, 01:14 PM | Updated 01:14 PM IST

The PRR will traverse through ten major junctions and over 100 minor intersections.
The PRR will traverse through ten major junctions and over 100 minor intersections. (X/@Droneman)

The Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) has announced plans for a comprehensive 73-km peripheral ring road (PRR) that aims to link the southern Hosur Road to the north-western Tumakuru Road.

This ambitious project, estimated at Rs 27,000 crore, is set to feature sixteen flyovers, ten overpasses, and twelve underpasses, enhancing the city's transportation network.

What sets this project apart is its financing structure — entirely backed by private investors. In exchange for their investment, these private players will be granted toll collection rights for a whopping 50 years, as confirmed by the Bangalore Development Authority.

The PRR will traverse through ten major junctions and over 100 minor intersections, strategically placing sixteen flyovers at key locations such as Hesarghatta Road, Old Madras Road, Whitefield Road, Channasandra Road, and Hosur Road, among others.

Additionally, the plan includes bridges over seven water bodies, including prominent ones like Chikkatogur Lake, Gunjur Lake, and Jarakabande Lake, further facilitating seamless connectivity.

To tackle traffic intricacies, the project incorporates six cloverleaf-type over bridges, providing a solution for efficient crisscrossing without congestion.

The BDA has set an ambitious six-month timeline for the acquisition of 2,560 acres of land essential for project construction, followed by a two-year schedule for completing the construction work.

While specific details on land requirements and compensation structures were not disclosed in the tender documents, officials expressed confidence in attracting more participants in the tender process, reports Deccan Herald.

Earlier statements from officials highlighted an estimated Rs 21,000 crore for land acquisition and an additional Rs 6,000 crore for civil works. The BDA emphasises that the project's entire funding will be sourced from private investors, with the BDA facilitating the land acquisition process.

Designs made public by the BDA showcase a 100-m-wide greenfield expressway, featuring green spaces, utilities, underground cables, footpaths, cycle tracks, and drains.

The main carriageway, boasting eight lanes, will be flanked by service roads on both sides, with a broad median reserved for potential future integration with the Metro project.

The project covers a length of 65.95 km between Hosur Road and Tumakuru Road, with an additional 3.4 km near Madanayakanahalli and 4.08 km near Hebbagodi to link existing roads seamlessly into the PRR network.

However, concerns arise regarding the environmental impact, especially as the project traverses the Jarakhbande reserve forest. As of now, the project awaits environmental clearance, underscoring the need for a delicate balance between development and ecological preservation in the city's expansion plans.

V Bhagya Subhashini is a staff writer at Swarajya. She tracks infrastructure developments.

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