Chinese Investors Come Calling For India’s Smart Cities And Indian Startups

Chinese Investors Come Calling For India’s Smart Cities And Indian StartupsPM Modi with Chinese President-for-life, Xi Jinping. (Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

Indian startups are increasingly attracting the interest of various Chinese companies and Venture Capital (VC) investors, as reported by Global Times. Over 350 representatives of major Chinese VCs attended the India investment seminar held in Beijing on Tuesday (13 November 2018).

“Chinese investors have been increasingly active in India in recent years. Chinese investors see the country as a benchmark destination, where development in many industries is moving at or near the same pace as in China,” said Liu Xiaoxue of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Indian startups like Tripshelf, OfficePass, Snapmint, and Sattviko made presentations before the Chinese investors, as per a press release from the Embassy of India in China. “India is a hot global investment destination. As the world's second-largest investor, China cannot ignore India. Chinese companies may compete with top enterprises from other countries there. For China's software companies, the prospects are still quite good,” added Liu.

Apart from Indian startups, Chinese investors also expressed willingness to partner with India in the latter’s urban development scheme, Smart Cities Mission. However, Zhao Gancheng, director at the Shanghai Institute for International Studies, signaled a cautious note. He noted, ”Chinese companies, which are seeking opportunities in this project, should lower their risks by getting familiar with India's investment environment, such as relevant laws and regulations.”

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