Dams In Karnataka Fill Up Due To Heavy Rains

Almatti Dam (WRIS/NRSC)

Most of the dams in Karnataka have started to receive high inflows due to torrential rains, Deccan Herald has reported. The report stated that dams on the river Cauvery are also filling up. It is further reported that some of the dams have reached their maximum levels.

"If you see the status (of dams), it can be easily said that this year the level in all of them is quite satisfactory compared to that over the last 10 years," director of Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC) G S Srinivasa Reddy is quoted to have said to PTI.

Inflow at Almatti dam is said to have been 52,890 cusecs. "Because Almatti and Narayanapura are big dams, it will take time to get to the full level. But given the fact that there have been good rains in Maharashtra, the level in these dams may reach a satisfactory level," he added.


He is also reported to have said that there have been no major rain-related tragedies this year as the authorities have taken precautions and the informed people to abate the adverse effects.

"As of now, warning is not required because the intensity (of rain) has reduced. It (rain) has been heavy only in the ghat areas,where landslides may occur and damage roads," Reddy is quoted to have said further.

Dams which have reached its maximum levels are Harangi, Hemavathi, Kabini, Tungabhadra, Almatti and Narayanapura. Kishnarajasagar (KRS), Bhadra and Malaprabha are said to have good inflows, but are yet to fill up to their maximum levels.

Over the last one month, since the south-west monsoon hit the coast, Karnataka, especially the western ghats have received heavy rainfall.