Here’s How Hooligans Used Congress Led Bharat Bandh To Target Innocents, Unleash Anarchy 

Here’s How Hooligans Used Congress Led Bharat Bandh To Target Innocents, Unleash Anarchy School bus attacked by goons (@SureshNakhua/Twitter)

More than three buses in Pune’s Undri were pelted on Monday (September 10), allegedly by protesters involved in the Bharat Bandh, called by the Congress and other parties. The buses belong to a school named Caelum High, and the incident happened early hours in the morning around 7 AM, reported The Indian Express.

Monica Thadaney, a trustee of the school board, said “Our buses had left school to pick up children. Near the Clover Highlands Society on Undri Road, a few men on motorcycles were waiting with stones. The attack must have been pre-planned. Stones were hurled at our buses, damaging windows and windshields. Three buses were damaged. We are fortunate that no children were on the buses at the time. We condemn this shameful act. Attacking a school bus is not justified during any protest and is a cowardly act. We have no idea who the attackers were, but after the incident, we decided to give a precautionary holiday to students,” the report mentioned.

Incidentally, a message went viral on WhatsApp groups that a bus belonging to the Sanskriti School in Pune was attacked. The trustee of the school, Praneet, however, declined any such incident from having taken place.

Another tragedy was witnessed in the Bharat Bandh, when a two-year-old girl died on way to a hospital after being holed up in a blockade caused by the Bandh.

Violence was also reported from various parts of India. It was reported that several buses and autos were pelted with stones in Karnataka, with an auto driver also being threatened by the protesters.

In Mangaluru, it was reported that stones were pelted at a restaurant. A car of BJP MLA from Bantwal was attacked by miscreants, following which BJP workers demanded their arrest.

The BJP has alleged that the Bharat Bandh was Congress’ ploy to divert attention from the National Herald case, where-in the Gandhis’ petition was thrown out by the Delhi High Court yesterday (10 September).