Huawei Offers To Sign ‘No Back Door’ Agreement With The Indian Government To Allay Spying Fears

Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. (pic via Twitter)

Chinese telecom gear maker Huawei's chief executive officer (CEO) for India operations, Jay Chen on Monday (24 June) said that the company is ready to sign 'no back door' agreement with the Government of India, reports Economic Times.

"We are proposing to the Indian government that we are ready to sign 'no back door' agreement. We encourage other OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) also to sign this kind of agreement with the government and telecom operators," Chen was quoted in the report as saying.

According to the report, 'back door' in technology products refers to arrangement with government or with any third party to share the customer's data in an unauthorised manner with malafide intention or ulterior motives.


The development comes at a time when Huawei's business engagements are being scrutinised in India as well as several other major nations following the restrictions imposed on its products by the United States.

Underscoring Huawei's commitment towards India, Chen said that the company is ready to further invest in India, work with Indian startups to develop solutions for the world, set up labs, and work on skill development once it gets a positive response from India on its engagement.

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