Journalist Prevented From Entering Sabarimala To Approach Apex Court

 Journalist Prevented From Entering Sabarimala To Approach Apex CourtThe controversial journalist dressed up as Sabarimala devotee

Libi CS, journalist and editor of a Malayalam news website Newsgil, who was blocked from entering Sabarimala, is planning to approach the Supreme Court, The New Indian Express has reported. She was recently blocked from entering the Sabarimala Ayyapa Temple.

In a Facebook Post, she said she had not tried to enter the temple in secrecy. Protesters had tried to ‘attack’ her at the Pathanamthitta bus stand. She was escorted by the police who reached the bus stand immediately. The journalist had stated that she would enter the temple with three others in a Facebook post prior to the incident.

She had published an article on her news website, Newsgil which said, “If Ayyappa can’t control himself when women devotees enter the shrine, there is a medicine that could be prescribed.” This remark had stirred up a controversy.

For the first time in the history of Kerala, Sabarimala witnessed a series of unprecedented events in the wake of the Supreme Court verdict in the matter. The police came down heavily on the protesters and devotees against the verdict. Sabarimala had opened on 18 October as part of its monthly pooja.

Police removed the protesting tent and arrested many of the protesters. Situations got even worse when police began lathi-charge and pelted stones on protesters. Reports also suggest that the police had pelted stones against the devotees.

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