Nassim Nicholas Taleb Explains Syrian Conflict In One Propaganda Free Chart


Lebanese American scholar Nassim Nicholas Taleb has been very critical of President Barack Obama and the US State department for supporting the so-called rebels against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

Taleb is no fan of Assads. “Assad blew up our house in Amioun when in 1982 my grandfather, as a member of parliament, voted for Bashir,” he writes. “But I overcome my personal grudge to look at this as a scientist, and a humanist: Sunni Islamic Jihad is far too dangerous to let my grudge get into the way,” Taleb adds.

Taleb explains the real conflict in Syria through a draft chart and make the comparison between Assad and “moderate rebels”.

<a href="">Taleb’s Tweet</a> Taleb’s Tweet

“Table is comparative: As bad as left column (Assad) can be, there's nothing on right col (rebels) that is not worse,” he tweeted.

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