No Talks Until Pakistan Gives Up State Policy Supporting Terrorism: Indian Ambassador To The US 

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Pakistani Prime Minister-elect Imran Khan in 2015. (representative image) (Ministry of External Affairs/Twitter)

Hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi was re-elected for another five years with an unprecedented mandate, the Indian Ambassador to the United States (US), Harsh Vardhan Shringla said that India will not hold any talks with Pakistan until it gives up its state policy of supporting terrorism, reports The Hindu.

Ambassador Shringla underscored that the onus of the peace talks to improve bilateral relations between the two South-Asian neighbours ties.

Ambassador further stressed that the day Pakistan adjourns terrorism as a means of achieving its end, “I think the government will be within its mandate” to start a better relationship with its western neighbour.


As long as any country uses terrorism as an instrument of state policy and India continues to be at the receiving end of that policy, no Indian government will get a mandate from the people to reach out to that country, he told to a group of American reporters.

Meanwhile, Pakistan's PM Imran Khan on Thursday (23 May) congratulated Mr Modi on his electoral triumph and expressed his desire to work with him for bolstering peace and prosperity in the region.

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