The Accidented Bengalurean: Premieres Every Monday, Owing To Stress And Lifestyle Issues, Says Police Report

Mondays see the most accidents on Bengaluru roads, say traffic police. (Photo by Bachchan Kumar/Hindustan Times via Getty Images). 

According to data collated by the traffic police in Bengaluru, Monday happens to be the most accident-prone day. In 2018, Mondays witnessed 709 accidents while Wednesday saw 705 and 663 on Thursdays. The most dangerous time is said to be between 3 pm and 6 pm when 768 accidents took place out of the 4,611.

Some of the reasons being attributed are hurry to reach home, poor eyesight, advanced age of pedestrians etc. Deccan Herald quoted Dr Roshan Jain, a senior consultant psychiatrist at Apollo Hospitals as saying, “In the corporate lifestyle, most people party through the weekend till Sunday night, which adds to the fatigue. They push themselves to work through Monday and the exhaustion and frustration hits when they are driving back home.”

Among the reasons that deal with partying, it is said that late-night drinking affects people even more. Poor concentration after a tiring day’s work further complicates matters. Weekend visits are another stress. People in a rush to reach home after visiting native towns adds to the chances of accidents.


P Harishekaran, Additional Commissioner of Police, identifies some of the black spots for accidents as the ones on Old Airport Road, Singasandra bus stop, Veerasandra junction and RV College junction among others.

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