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Withdraw FIR Or My Legal Team Is Ready: Woman Responds To SGPC After Sikh Body Filed Complaint Against Practicing Yoga At Golden Temple

Kuldeep Negi

Jun 27, 2024, 03:01 PM | Updated 03:01 PM IST

Archana Makwana
Archana Makwana

Social media influence Archana Makwana has responded to SGPC filing a police complaint against her for practicing Yoga at Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Stating that she did nothing wrong, Makwana has asked the Sikh body to withdraw the FIR, and said that if the complaint is not withdrawn, she and her legal team are ready to fight the case.

In an Instagram post on Thursday (27 June), Makwana said, "When I was doing Shirshasana on 21st June 2024 at Golden Temple Amritsar, 1,000 of sikh people were watching me, not one person stopped me or raised an objection on it. Infact, the Gentleman who took my photo was a Sardarji himself, he didn’t find it offending , he didn’t stop me from doing it, the people who were watching it live weren’t offended, then I am wondering how come it’s wrong & how has it hurt someone’s religious sentiments?".

She said that even the local people who come everyday to the Golden temple do not know about the rules, then how come she, a Hindu girl travelling to Punjab for the first time, is expected to be aware of them.

"The local people who come to temple everyday don’t know the rules, then how can they expect a Hindu Girl travelling for the first time to Punjab know the rules , [e]specially when no one stopped me," she said.

"All this is baseless , I don’t know what is the propaganda of the SGPC TRUST but I feel victimised," Makwana said.

She added that the FIR against her should be quashed because it "doesn't have any base".

She alleged that SGPC didn't disclose the "true facts" to the police and because of that, the FIR was filed against her.

"I tried to sort this issue Peacefully but they don’t seem to understand it, it’s affecting my business & that I won’t tolerate at all…," she said.

Makwana said that she suffered mental harassment and torture due to the controversy.

"There's still time, withdraw the FIR, otherwise me and my legal time are ready to fight," she said.

She also urged her followers and supporters to write to the Punjab police, urging them to cancel the FIR against her.

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