2024 Results: All Key Explainers You Need

Anmol Jain

Jun 07, 2024, 01:17 PM | Updated 01:17 PM IST

Time for proper analysis!

Inauguration day of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya (VHP/X)
Inauguration day of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya (VHP/X)

Dear Readers,

The dust is still settling on the world's most long-drawn election and punishing summers.

The post-election analysis and monsoons will bring along some clarity. Here's some of what Swarajya has been doing as part of its 2024 Lok Sabha Election Results Analysis:

  • Bengal: What went wrong for the BJP in Bengal? Is it the Bengal edition of TINA? Find out here!

  • BJP lost Ayodhya or rather SP won Faizabadseveral factors contributed to the unexpected.

  • Pandian, Poverty, and Puri: The two Ps that led to BJP's rise in the land of the third P.

  • Tamil Nadu: Did Annamalai fall prey to a sabotage in Kovai? Here are four theories on why the TN BJP chief lost in Coimbatore.

  • A Southern spring: A budding love story — how the South saved BJP, a party maligned as the 'cow-belt' party?

  • Maharashtra: And what's behind the utter humiliation of BJP in Sangh Parivar's HQ state of Maharashtra?

  • Assam: How did Himanta Mama ensure a crushing defeat of Badruddin Ajmal in his stronghold of Dhubri — with the help of Congress?

  • PM's own: And finally, the biggest of 'em all — what caused an (almost) upset in Varanasi?

These are just a few stories. A lot more is already in and coming up. Follow Swarajya's nuanced dissection under its 2024 Lok Sabha Election Results Analysis section here!

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Anmol Jain

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