Disinformation, Division, Disruption — All Coming You Way!

Anmol Jain

Jul 06, 2024, 08:35 AM | Updated 08:57 AM IST

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Dear Reader,

In our previous weekend edition, we talked about 'Khatakhat Politics' becoming the new normal.

But there's more to worry about. I know worrying is not the best way to start your weekend. But hear me out.

"Disruption, Disinformation, Division" — that's what we're calling the latest edition of our weekend magazine. It is also what Rahul Gandhi's tenure as Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha might look like.

If his recent speech in Parliament is anything to go by, rampant free fall of information is what we're staring at.

Be it the Agnipath scheme or accusing the BJP of calling the Sikhs terrorists, Rahul Gandhi is doubling down on 'disinformation'.

His reference to different religions while isolating a large section of Hindus and then using caste portrays the other tool — 'division'.

And lastly, during PM Modi's speech in Lok Sabha came out his final tool — 'disruption'.

But all of this is not limited to Rahul Gandhi.

On one hand, we have people saying highways are an opulence because just 7-8 percent of Indians own cars. And on the other hand, there are comments that additional runways at airports can be constructed in place of bullet train corridors.

You get the drift now. All this and more in our weekend issue - the PDF of it all set and ready for you, straightaway after you subscribe.

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Have a great weekend!

Anmol N Jain

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