Let's talk about a credible threat to Indian democracy

Anmol Jain

Jun 13, 2024, 07:29 PM | Updated 07:29 PM IST

Vendetta, Violence, Voter Harassment, And Mandate Denial

Garbage is dumped in front of a housing complex in Kolkata via X (@subhsays)
Garbage is dumped in front of a housing complex in Kolkata via X (@subhsays)

There's never a break in Indian politics. However, what's been happening as a routine in Bengal needs a break and an immediate one at that.

Political violence In Bengal: Far from something to be ashamed of, many are now openly flaunting their violent acts against the opposition.

  • Dumping of garbage outside BJP voters' buildings is the least harmful thing meted out to opposition.

  • TMC leaders have been proudly brandishing their acts on social media rather than being clandestine about it.

There are now 'refugee camps' for opposition workers: Bengal BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari has revealed that several of his cadre are now in 'safe houses'

  • It began with mandate denial: TMC boycotted Prime Minister Modi’s oath-taking ceremony saying that they refuse to acknowledge his mandate to rule.

  • Even news media that is largely friendly towards TMC has reported attacks against opposition.

  • Reminder 1: 2023 West Bengal Panchayat elections saw 40 people killed!

  • Reminder 2: BJP (240) has more seats than INDI alliance combined (234)

  • Reminder 3: Violence is probably still under control unlike 2023 because CRPF is deployed until June 19th!

Rewind back to olden days: In 2009, Congress formed the government with 206 seats along with UPA partners.

  • Not to mention an even lower tally of 145 seats for INC in 2004

  • INC's 2004 score was only 7 more than BJP’s 138

Jinhe naaz hain Hind par: India's op-ed warriors and democracy champions are guilty of abetting TMC's mandate denial.

  • Despite unrelenting attacks on opposition, the op-edry industry has chosen to look the other way.

  • Less said about pretentious pundits spewing extra-complex vocabulary in mere 900 word pieces the better.

Bottom line: Even the TV studios are quiet - that's how much we've taken the political violence and mandate denial for granted.

  • It's extremely unhealthy and must be called out.


Amar Govindarajan & Anmol Jain

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