The Chinese Dragon In Indian Ports

Swarajya Staff

Jan 10, 2024, 01:46 PM | Updated 01:46 PM IST

India's Heavy Reliance on a Chinese Monopoly for Critical Port Equipment

India's manufacturing exports
India's manufacturing exports

Dear Reader,

In October 2023, the Chinese vessel Zhen Hua 15 offloaded a special cargo at Vizhinjam and Mundra ports.

Without the equipment that was unloaded, the very operation of Mundra and Vizhinjam ports could come to a standstill.

What's more? Not just Vizhinjam and Mundra - nearly all Indian ports have sourced this equipment from exactly one Chinese company: ZPMC.

Yes, an exceedingly large volume of inbound and outbound cargo at Indian ports is moved through equipment supplied by one Chinese monopoly.

Do read Amit Mishra's story about the Chinese monopoly that can hold Indian cargo movement hostage.


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