The Defenders 

Five years ago, the BJP took a gamble in each of Maharashtra, Haryana and Jharkhand. How many of them will pay off?

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Featured Articles

  • Devendra Fadnavis: From Unlikely CM To Natural Leader 
  • How Maharashtra Can Reach Target $1 Trillion By 2025
  • From Bansi Lal To Manohar Lal: A Short History Of Haryana’s Politics
  • BJP Starts From Pole Position In Ranchi
  • The Haryana That Can Be 
  • Assembly Elections 2019: Three States, One Plan For BJP
  • Why India’s Top Cow Official Wants Healthy Bulls And Cows Out Of Gaushalas
  • A ‘Pop Priest’ In Tamil Nadu Attempts To Divide People On Grounds Of Social Justice, Language
  • Assam Rifles-ITBP Merger: Why Bureaucrats Are Pushing This Bad Idea Despite Army’s Opposition
  • Why It Is Immoral To Use Children For Environmental Or Any Other Kind Of Activism
  • When The British Said “Hail The Queen”, Hindus In Fiji Replied - “Ramayana Maharani Ki Jai”  
  •  What Ails Karnataka Tourism And How It Is Being Fixed
  • Remembering ‘Gaana Visharade’ Papa Choodamani, A Voice That Was Lost Too Soon
  • The Musical Genius That Was Maharajah Jaya Chamaraja Wadiyar
  • A Penance Of 16 Years: How Arjuna The Mysuru Ambari Elephant Came Back To Be The Hero Of Dasara
  • Ideas, Not Ideology: The Premchand I Know 
  • Book Review: On Rules And Ethics Of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, By A Microsoft Bigwig
  • Book Review: Ted Chiang Uses Sci-Fi To Present A Nuanced Understanding Of Our Own Selves
  • How HDFC Bank’s Aditya Puri Overcame The Challenge of Innovator’s Dilemma
  • Quantum Mechanics And Many Worlds: A Glimpse Of ‘Something Deeply Hidden’ That Humbles Us
  • Modi Can  Take Reformist Crown Away From Vajpayee And Rao As He Re-Engages With Economy
  • One Reason Why Global Economy May Not Encounter A Slowdown-Because We Have Seen It Coming 
  • Big Pharma In Big Mess: A Crisis Of Credibility 
  • Obituary: Shyam Ramsay