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Details Of 15 FIRs In Nuh Violence: Mobs Chanting 'Allahu Akbar' And 'Pakistan Zindabad' Opened Fire At Cops, Attacked Temple, Held Devotees Hostage

Swati Goel Sharma

Aug 03, 2023, 12:44 PM | Updated Aug 29, 2023, 11:53 PM IST

Stone pelting in Nuh
Stone pelting in Nuh

Swarajya has accessed at least 15 first information reports (FIRs) filed at various police stations of Haryana's Nuh district on 1 August, a day after a Hindu procession came under attack by members of the Muslim community.

Most of these cases were filed on the statements of constables and officers attached to police stations in Nuh. At least one case was filed for an attack at a police station in adjoining Gurugram district. One of these 15 cases was filed on the statement of a civilian from Panipat who came to Nuh to join the procession.

So far, two home guards and four civilians, named Abhishek, Pradeep Sharma, Shakti Singh and Hafiz Saad, have been identified as casualties in the violence that broke out on 31 July, before spreading to adjoining areas.

What happened: On the morning of 31 July, several thousand people from the Hindu community had gathered in Nuh to commence 'Mewat darshan' — a procession where devotees visit prominent Hindu temples of the Mewat region.

Nuh, part of the Meo-dominated Mewat region that stretches to Rajasthan's Alwar and Bharatpur districts along with some parts of Uttar Pradesh, was called Mewat until the Haryana government changed its name.

The Meo community, who claim Rajput ancestry (disputed by historians), are today almost entirely Muslims, believed to have been first converted during the 12th century. The region is a notorious hub of crimes, most prominent being cow slaughter and beef trade, and cyber frauds.

Here are the details of the FIRs accessed by Swarajya

Cases filed at City Nuh police station on 1 August:

1.     FIR on statement of Pankaj Kumar, in-charge of law and order at Gurugram Sector 39 police station (number 252/2023)

Statement recorded in the FIR: A mob of 600-700 people, chanting Allahu Akbar, entered the police station and attacked him and his team. Two officers from Sector 40 Gurugram police station, Anil Kumar and Jagbeer, sustained severe injuries. One of them was shot in the stomach.

Statement in FIR number 252 at City Nuh
Statement in FIR number 252 at City Nuh

2.     FIR on statement of PSI Suraj (number 253/3023)

Statement: The mob that went violent during the jalabhishek at the yatra, barged into the cyber crime thana after surrounding it from all sides. They pelted stones and started raising slogans to burn all the cops present alive. They took over a bus and rammed it into the wall of the thana. The police first fired tear gas shells to disperse the crowd but had to resort to firing in the air. But the crowd managed to destroy many records.

Statement in FIR number 253 at City Nuh
Statement in FIR number 253 at City Nuh

3.     FIR on statement of constable Ravinder (number 254/2023)

Statement: Rizwan, Naeem, Sarfaraz and Taufiq, as part of a 600-700-strong mob, set his government vehicle on fire and pelted stones at hom and his team.

Statement in FIR number 254 at City Nuh
Statement in FIR number 254 at City Nuh

4.     FIR on statement of sub-inspector Anil Kumar (number 255/2023)

Statement: He was posted on duty at the temple when a Meo Muslim crowd, armed with lathis and stones, attacked the cops and burnt their vehicles with an intention to kill them.

Statement in FIR number 255 at City Nuh
Statement in FIR number 255 at City Nuh

5.     FIR on statement of constable Bijendra Kumar (number 256/2023)

Statement: A mob of 500-600 people attacked the police station and vandalised public property.

Statement in FIR number 256 at City Nuh
Statement in FIR number 256 at City Nuh

6.     FIR on statement of supervisor Ajay Kumar of Sherki Daula police station in Gurugram (number 257/2023)

Statement: He was on duty in Nuh along with home guards Neeraj, Gursev, Arun, Shera and Pawan. When their vehicle was near the cyber crime thana, a mob launched a fatal attack on them with iron rods, stones, lathis and stones and went on attacking them for long.

Statement in FIR number 257 at City Nuh
Statement in FIR number 257 at City Nuh

7.     FIR on statement of Tekchand, a process server at the Nuh district court (number 258/2023)

Statement: Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Anjali Jain, her daughter, a gunman, and Tekchand were traveling back from SHKM Medical College when they encountered a mob of 100-150 people who started pelting stones at their vehicle. The situation escalated, and they sought refuge in a local workshop at the bus stand until they were rescued by some lawyers. The car was later found completely burnt.

Statement in FIR number 258 at City Nuh
Statement in FIR number 258 at City Nuh

8.     FIR on statement of Abid Hussain of cyber crime thana (number 259/2023)

Statement: A mob of 800-900 people launched an attack at the participants of the yatra. They also held around 35-40 devotees hostage in Ram temple ward number 9. A team of cops reached the spot and released the devotees.

Statement in FIR number 259 at City Nuh
Statement in FIR number 259 at City Nuh

9.     FIR on statement of Ramendra Singh, a public servant (number 260/2023)

Statement: A mob of 800-900 people, including Khalid, Saqir, Abrar, Samiri, Badruddin, Arif, Moeen, Zeeshaan, Shahrukh, Sarfuddin and Nayyum, launched an attack on the cops and devotees at the temple.

Statement in FIR number 260 at City Nuh
Statement in FIR number 260 at City Nuh

10.  FIR by constable Neeraj (number 261/2023 filed at City Nuh police station on 1 August)

Statement: A crowd of 600-700 attackers, including Faqruddin, Subedin, Nasir, Mustafa, Alim and Aqib, attacked the temple in order to disrupt the jalabhishek.

The FIRs filed at Sadar Nuh police station on 1 August:

11.  FIR by ASI Dharmendra (number 398/2023)

Statement: A mob of 800-900 people, chanting Allahu Akbar, menacingly started running towards the temple from where the devotees were set to commence the yatra. They also opened fire in which home guard Bir Singh sustained severe injuries. Some in the crowd also chanted slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and threw petrol bombs.

12.  FIR by Duty Magistrate Mukul Kathuriya (number 399/2023)

Statement: He was posted at Nalhar temple for duty for the yatra. A mob of 800-900 people of a specific religion who spoke in the dialect of Mewat and adjoining areas of Rajasthan, gathered near the temple and started attacking the devotees. They came from nearby fields and hills and, chanting Allahu Akbar, started pelting stones at the temple to disrupt the yatra.

They also fired at the devotees using their illegally made weapons. All his efforts to drill sense into the mob went in vain.

13.  FIR on statement of constable Mandeep Singh (number 400/2023)

Statement: He was out on the road on a motorcycle tackling the violence when another motorcycle, bearing a Rajasthan number, hit him. He fell on the ground and a mob of 40-50 people surrounded him. They started beating him up. His helmet broke, and he was forced to leave his motorcycle and flee in the nearby hills to save his life. The attackers looted the cartridges he had on him. The motorcycle rider was masked.

14.  FIR on statement on Panipat resident Mahipal Singh, who was a participant in the yatra (number 401/2023 filed)

Statement: He and his cousin Abhishek came from Noorwala village in Panipat to attend Mewat darshan as part of Brij Mandal yatra on 31 July. They stopped at the Nalhar mahadev temple, from where the yatra was to commence for visiting different temples in Mewat around 1.30 pm after jalabhishek.

Around 3,000-4,000 people from across Haryana had arrived at the temple, many of them in private buses. However, the police stopped the devotees from going out of the temple. Around 5 pm, heavy stone-pelting started from the hills surrounding the temple. A mob of 800-900 people started rushing towards the temple from all around, raising chants of Allahu Akbar. They started pelting stones and bricks at the devotees. Abhishek got severely injured in the attack.

15.  FIR on statement of senior constable Jitendra (number 402/2023)

Statement: Shamim, Abid and Waqeel barged into the police station along with a mob of 100-150 people and pelted stones while chanting Allahu Akbar. They also set the parked vehicles on fire.

Swarajya will bring more details of the cases filed in the coming days.

Swati Goel Sharma is a senior editor at Swarajya. She tweets at @swati_gs.

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