India-Malaysia Ties: A Look At Where Things Went Wrong, As Talk Of “New Chapter” Begins

India has been Malaysia's biggest market for palm oil in the last five years. With the signing of the MICECA, or the Malaysia-India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement, things were only looking upwards, especially in terms of palm oil trade.

However, certain things were said, pretty much all from the then Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad's side, which caused the India-Malaysia ties to sour.

Eventually, though, India restricted imports of refined palm oil and later, perhaps over different causes, the Malaysian prime minister stepped down and a new premier took his place. From recent comments emerging from the Malaysian side, it appears that a re-evaluation and rebuilding of ties may now be in order.

We take a good look at the situation as it was, touching upon the various points of discordance between the two countries and how things may be now looking up.


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