Armed With Dhols and Flags, Pro-India Group Thwarts Pakistan Sponsored Khalistan Event in UK 

Pro-India demonstrators in London (@naomi2009/Twitter)

Pro-India and pro-Khalistan groups faced off in London’s Trafalgar Square on Sunday (12 August) when the latter expressed its support for “Referendum 2020”, which seeks the formation of a separate Khalistani nation, Hindustan Times has reported.

As per an ANI report, the “Referendum 2020” is designed and conceived by Pakistan, but has failed to draw much support from anti-India elements.

On Sunday, about 2,500 pro-Khalistan supporters gathered to issue a “London declaration” in favour of the referendum. The Indian government had earlier demanded that permission be denied for this rally, which was rejected by the British authorities.


The pro-Khalistani members though were countered by a pro-India group along with the members of the Overseas Friends of the BJP who disrupted the event.

The pro-India group armed with the Indian flag sang patriotic songs and danced to the accompaniment of loud dhols. They even held placards of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

As per president Overseas Friends of BJP - Kuldeep Shekhawat, allowing the Khalistani event laid bare Britain’s hidden agenda to support Khalistan and Pakistan.

Incidentally, Pakistan-origin Nazir Ahmed, member of the House of Lords, was also present at the scene, and declared his support for Khalistan “for his Sikh brothers and sisters”.

Last week, reports revealed that Indian intelligence agencies had managed to get documents from the computer of a senior Pakistan Army official, which give detailed insight into Pakistan’s Khalistan plan.

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