Rediscovering Savarkar 

Those who lead India currently profess their loyalty to him and his ideas. But what exactly were the ideas of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar? 

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Featured Articles

  • Myths, Legends And Savarkar
  • How Savarkar Transformed From A Radical Anti-Colonial Revolutionary To A ‘Hindu Hriday Samrat’
  • Why You Could Not Predict Savarkar’s Ideas 
  • The Caustic Reformer: How Savarkar Became Unpopular Among A Section Of Hindus
  • Savarkar: In The Cells Of Andaman, The Revolutionary Grew Into Someone Far Greater 
  • What BJP Owes To The ‘Class Of ‘96’
  • What Reporting On The Begusarai Dalit Atrocity Case Has Told Me About The English Media
  • Reliance Jio: The Disruptive Giant Now Trains Its Eyes Towards Broadband Segment 
  • Why The Kaveri Engine Programme Is Failing To Take Off
  • How Assam Tea Gardens Can Turn Their Days Around
  • N V S Reddy: The Never-Say-Die Metro Chief Of Hyderabad
  • Yet Again, Kodavas Forced To Defend Their Right To Carry What They Literally Worship – Their Guns
  • Long Read: Why Amaravati May Not Be The Best Place To Build A Capital City
  • India’s Youngest Union Territory: Speaking With Those Who Have ‘Skin In The Game’ But Addresses Outside Ladakh 
  • India’s Snow Warriors: Armed With The Indomitable Ladakhi Spirit 
  • The Balti Nightingale: How A Singer From Ladakh Has Become A Sensation In PoK
  • India Had Tilted Far Too Much Towards Soft Power, Forgetting Value Of The Hard Version 
  • Why Economic Growth Is Foreign Policy By Itself 
  • Chandrayaan-2: Lessons From One South Pole Race For Another 
  • A Generous Serving Of Calumny: Yet Another Book Creating Straw-Man Arguments To Demonise Hindutva
  • Obituary: Neelum Sharma