Swarajya has been extensively covering urbanization related themes as a focus editorial area. A couple of months back, Swarajya ran a series on Urbanisation authored by some of India's finest experts and it had evoked great response from you - more than a million unique page-views

As PM's flagship urbanisation initiative Smart City Mission gathers momentum, we are happy to announce the launch of another, and bigger, multi-part series on Urbanization with special focus on Smart Cities. We are deploying some of India's best urbanisation experts and think-tanks to produce this series. The special series commences on our Digital platform from 28th March and will be also be the main feature story in the April Print Issue

Ranging from reforming urban governance bodies, to the amount, duration and source of funding required, from the question of poverty removal to the applications of “IoT” and a range of GIS tools, and from role of rapid mass transport to the problems of slums and migrant integration, the series will try to give an over-view of the problems we face today and the solutions that address these problems.

Happy Reading!