Destiny Of Isolation

It is India’s unique fate that for long periods of time, especially as it awakens itself from deracination and cultural stupor, it will have to walk alone. We must thus be prepared to do our own thing.

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Featured Articles

  • Ekla Cholo Re: India’s Destiny Is To Walk Alone Whether It’s RCEP, Article 370 Or Countering Abrahamic Follies
  • Narendra Modi Has Given India’s Obsession With Agra A Break To Walk The Incredible India Talk
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  • Five Reasons Why  India Must Be Wary Of Chinese Government-Backed Huawei’s 5G Offerings
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  • Sourav Ganguly Is The Cricketing Mind The BCCI Needs Right Now
  • Imperative To Ensure That Indic Spirituality Does Not Become Synonymous With Pseudo-Scientific Cults 
  • Some Groups In Kerala Want To Drive Their Vehicles Through A Forest Reserve, And They Have Support Of The Wayanad MP
  • Why Yogi’s $1 Trillion Economy Target Is A Step In The Right Direction And How UP Might Pull It Off
  • Legal Challenges Mount Against Assam’s NRC Even As Citizenship Hopes Brighten For Excluded Hindus
  • Explained: As Political Will Grows For Bengaluru Suburban Rail Network, Here’s All About The Critical Project
  • The Mangaluru Model: How An Obsession With Cleanliness Transformed This Coastal Karnataka City
  • No Surprises Here: Meghalaya Has Been A Communal Cauldron Since Four Decades Before The Forced Removal Of Ganesha From NIT Campus  
  • Book Review: Dr Swamy Says India Witnessing Slowdown Driven By Steep Decline In Private Consumption
  • You Can’t Plan A City: It Is A Process As Much As It Is A Design
  • Don Hoffman’s ‘A Case Against Reality’: This  Book Will Change The Way You Look At Things, Literally 
  • Book Excerpt: What Was Rajnath Singh’s Biggest Challenge When He Became Education Minister Of UP In 1991? 
  • Book Excerpt: What Is The RSS View Of Feminism? 
  • When It Comes To Provision Of Public Utilities, Policy Cannot Be Beholden To Any Ideology 
  • Erdogan Is The New Sultan-Aspirant Of The Middle East; Will Modi Tame Him?
  • US Presidential Election: Democrats Need To Tweak  Strategy Instead Of Whining About Electoral College
  • How Modi 2.0 Can Complete The Healthcare Mission It Started In Its First Term
  • Take The All India Radio Grades More Seriously: This Was Vidwan Kadri Gopalnath’s Advice And Dictum For His Disciples and Younger Musicians